Crisis panacea

Crisis Panacea means the prevention of disasters whether natural or man-made which can strike at any time. In general, the general response to a disaster is in terms of relief and rescue operations - after the event by the volunteers of SO-FAR. The SO-FAR volunteers are adequately prepared and trained for such incidents; to make it possible to severely reduce the impact of a disaster. The impact can be reduced through a good understanding of preventive actions, as well as having the knowledge of certain lifesaving tools and techniques, which when used at the time of the event of disaster can control the total damage to life and belongings.

The biggest problem with the disasters is the suddenness and swiftness with which they arrive. Hence, in order to reduce the severity of a disaster the response also has to equally swift. The SO- FAR work is to first make it possible that such incident should not be happen and if any accident happens then how effectively and efficiently the action can be taken to help the needed.

In case of natural crisis it is quite not possible to stop them like Floods, Earthquakes, Landslide etc because to stop them is mainly not so possible but when such thing happens the relief and rescue operations are being made by SOFAR volunteers as soon as possible. But in case of crisis cause by human carelessness the preventions are taken apart like a proper Crowd Management at the time of event like Shivratri’s and Dushera or at other mass gatherings like ganesh visarjan and fair and carnivals or at railway stations or bus stands by the
volunteers of SO-FAR because a small careless mistake can cause situation of Stampedes and many people can lose their life’s

SO-FAR also conduct awareness programs through the guidelines and programs of central and state government disasters management bodies. SO-FAR conducts campaigns and seminars in schools and colleges to make people aware about the situations they can face and how they can help themselves and others at the time of crisis.

SO-FAR is also making counseling section for the people who pass through this crisis which is called Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Syndrome (PTSD) in which a person stays shocked after the accident In this case may be he is physically fit or recovered from that accident but it is possible that he is still in a mental trauma which is creating a stress over SO-FAR him so to make people mentally recover from stress the counseling section are made by the counselors of to help and recover them.

Resources Mobilization means availability of basic resources that are needed at the time of the crisis like riot or stampedes. SO-FAR is an organization that works at these situations and made the availability of such facilities to the needier. The facilities that the SO-FAR provides that are the medicines, the saline, drinking water, and convince facilities for the injured to take them to the nearest hospitals
and medical center by the volunteers of SO-FAR.