Environmental water & sanitation

Environment is one of the most burning issues now a day cutting of forests increase in temperature the global warming and all but these are very big issues but there are many small things also like releasing of sewage water to the rivers and dumping waste into the rivers. So-FAR is dealing with same matters by providing appropriate dumping system for the disposal of waste were as it is also assure that the sewage water should be properly go through with a treatment process before releasing it into the rivers. So-FAR is also looking at issues related to supply of pure and healthy drinking water in rural and urban area because still there are lot people who are unable to get the pure and healthy water to drink. Were as in case of Sanitation there are various problems in rural and urban areas there is still no proper sanitation system especially in rural sector. In this case SO-FAR going to rural sectors and telling them about the how they make their own toilets without any high expenditure and the government help and subsidy in provide require ties for toilets.