India is starting to make strides in the fields of medicine and e-Health. E-Health is broadly defined as the use of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) in health. Our mission is to provide medical and social services to the people of India to model well rounded, culturally sensitive health care professional for the future. It aim at developing and fostering relationship and project with key individual and organization, also developing and gathering educational materials and collecting medical supplies, equipment and monetary donations. SO-FAR encourages activities such as blood donation camps, free educational program for sexually transmitted diseases, awareness program for diseases like HIV AIDS and Cancer. Camps are held to provide them better view about the problem and to satisfy any query they have. Camping activities are held for various purpose such as blood donation, pulse polio, nutritious food distribution to poor children, for cancer and AIDS program, free eye checkups, free dental care and also free medicine are included. The main mission in health to providing service and health advocacy to be health conscious. provision of service include medical, social, psychological service integration activities care and nursing.