Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act (MNREGA) is meant for providing the employment to the rural labor within the range of 100 KM for 100 day. This scheme is made to stop migration of rural labor to the urban area provide job to them easily and to stop their exploitation in urban area. Although the scheme shows failure on most of its fronts because of lack of planning, improper utilization of resources, corruption among implementing forces. Here SO-FAR is first looking that how much work is going on under MNREGA in the state and how much of that work is completed or on progress were as SO-FAR is also looking that the work is going as government prescribe norms like taking work only from human labor not with machines, payment of fair wage to the labor . Were as SO-FAR is also working on to understand the specific socio-economic context in which the MNREGA is operating. To check whether there is awareness about MNREGA and its various aspects. To check conformity of the actual Schemes with the MNREGA Guidelines. To assess the difficulties faced by various players, including those in charge of implementing the Act, and see how they can be addressed. SO-FAR communicate to the workers about their rights under MNREGA.