Right to information

The Right to Information Act became operational on 12th October, 2005. This law empowered Indian citizens to seek information from Public Authorities, thus making the Government and its functionaries more accountable and responsible. SO-FAR with RTI is creating an advocacy in the public about the right they have. SO-FAR is creating awareness in the people about RTI. It is filling application regarding the government plans which are for the people and what progress these plan shown. SO-FAR uses the Right to Information on MNREGA work in Ujjain district and finds the irregularity in it shown how irresponsibility is shown by the officials in its implementation. We also used RTI applicability in Shipra Documentary to check the cleansing activities of the Shipra and how much of the budget issued for this action has been fruitfully and efficiently utilized. Also, a RTI petition was filed for gathering the correct data regarding the RIGHT TO EDUCATON which was used for our another documentary RIGHT TO LIVE. A RTI petition was also filed for Madhya Pradesh State Road Development Corporation working. We have filed RTI petition to check the paper working and functioning of the departments.