Anti Corruption

Citizen Services Helpline (Nagrik Sahayta Helpline)

In a recent study by Transparency International, India was ranked the 94th most corrupt country in the world among 178 countries. Apparently, the degrading was because of the image created about India during the Commonwealth Games 2010. Corruption in India was like second nature to many in authority. Whether it is for a driving license or a passport, a bribe is almost taken for granted.

This helpline will help those people who are forced to bribe to get their work done. The example of the process of getting a driving license. If you pay a bribe you get it in one day but if you don't, you have to wait for three days. Working people cannot take time off from work and make another trip to the RTO office so they bribe, though they may actually not want to. We will help people whose work is not done because of corruption or lack of knowledge. We will provide services free of cost without any charges. The aggrieved person has to volunteer for another aggrieved person. It's a simple community self reliance system based on the motto of people's empowerment.

Legal Cell (Vidhik Salah Avam Sahayta)

SoFAR takes up cases on different issues of governance in courts. The cases vary from matters in Consumer Courts to get relief for the people subjected to harassment by service delivery by government agencies to Public Interest Litigation on various significant issues primarily related to people's participation in governance. SoFAR has so far achieved several milestones both in terms of relief for individual litigants as well as judicial pronouncements on.