From world population day, 11 July 2011 SoFAR started and organised an awareness program for women of Borsi Bhata Durg district in Chhatishgarh. Dr Prarthna Pandit & Dr Aakansha Yadav spoke on ill effects of increasing population in the society. Dr Prarthna Pandit spoke on dental health & hygiene. She spoke about prevention of dental diseases thorough our daily habits. She also instructed about proper brushing habits & technique, food habits through which diseases like caries, plaque formation, yellowing of teeth 7 other deadly diseases could be prevented. She also told about harmful effects of tobacco, gudakhu & datun. Topics like nursing bottle caries, rampant caries were also discussed. She helped the women realize that a tooth ache can take a severe form of disease if not cared & treated properly.

That even small measures can be fruitful to stay in pink of health. She talked about anemia, its causes, Its harmful effects on body & mind, its prevention & cure. She said that even a little unreasonable fatigue, irritation & sleeplessness could be related to anemia. The discussion lasted for 2 hours & women of Borsi Bhata took active part in it. We will cover entire under this project. And subsequently this one of kind project will be replicated in Madhya Pradesh

Dr. Aakansha Yadav spoke on women health & hygiene. She explained about day to day problems faced by women in her health. Dr Yadav spoke to women about how to maintain hygienic standards in their daily life.